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“What´s your story with hair removal?”

About EpilaDerm…

Hello, I am the Dane Kim Wium-Andersen, founder of EpilaDerm International. I am very happy that you have found your way to us!

For more than 15 years my mission has been to make EpilaDerm the most popular brand for permanent hair growth reduction and professional Sugaring with beauticians and their customers.

That is why we have specialised from the very beginning in helping beauticians to transform into competent waxing or sugaring expert-studios. This is done through training and by providing our certified EpilaDerm-Studios with the highly specialised EpilaDerm sugarpastes, enzyme products, methods and promotional materials.

I am myself a Certified EpilaDerm Sugaring Specialist and therefore very familiar with the challenges and I know what I am talking about and what works best.

I personally know the “EpilaDerm magic” only too well. For example, 10 years ago, when I was finally depilated for the first time with our newly developed light-viscous sugarpastes (for which our laboratory needed to produce more than 400 pilot tests before creating the proprietary formula), I was amazed at how much more pleasant and effective epilation actually was compared to the waxing and other conventional sugarpastes I had tried before. And how soft, smooth and beautiful the skin felt afterwards completed the WOW effect. Another benefit of this is that the subsequent enzyme treatment for permanent hair growth reduction is all the more effective because of the better epilation. I also found, that especially for sensitive areas of the body, such as for the Intimate area, the armpits and the Face EpilaDerm shows itself from its best side. What more could you want?

When you have ambitions to be the next professional Sugaring or Waxing Superstar in your region, then please join our network of “certified EpilaDerm experts”.

EpilaDerm International & Pedersens Laboratorium

Your partner for professional sugaring, skinfriendly permanent hair reduction and the solution for post-epilative skin problems.

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EpilaDerm – made and developed in Denmark

EpilaDerm products are original Danish quality products from Pedersens Laboratorium in Vejle. They promise long-term success in permanent hair removal and professional sugaring and offer a pleasant, painless depilation and a more beautiful and rejuvenated skin.

The discovery of the EpilaDerm enzyme complex was unique!

“Pedersen’s laboratory in Denmark has over 30 years of research and development experience in the use of active enzymes in humans. EpilaDerm draws on this know-how, spurred on by a revolutionary new discovery in 2003, in which it was possible for the first time to preserve the very high enzymatic and proteolytic activity in the packaging or in a solution, until applied to the skin.”

about epiladerm

“EpilaDerm’s white-transparent light viscosity sugar pastes and proteolytic enzymes for permanent hair growth reduction are original product developments from Pedersen’s laboratory and still unique worldwide!”

“EpilaDerm International and Pedersen’s laboratory have been dedicated to the continuous research and development of hair removal methods and cosmetic products for professional epilation, hair growth reduction, sustainable skin care and skin problem solving since the beginning of 2000.”

“EpilaDerm enzyme products, sugar pastes and HomeCare are suitable for both women and men and can be used on all areas of the body, all hair colours and all skin types.”

“The EpilaDerm Products are designed to be well tolerated by particularly sensitive skin, including the intimate area.”

Das EpilaDerm Academy

“Another success factor for EpilaDerm is the EpilaDerm Academy with a competent workshop, coaching and online continuing education offer and the possibility to be trained as a “Certified EpilaDerm Expert.”

“Our certified-epiladerm-sugaring-expert training ensures you have critical skills and gives you a competitive advantage.”

“As a Certified EpilaDerm Expert, you quickly gain effectiveness and confidence, while your clients benefit from your conscientious approach and professional knowledge.”



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EpilaDerm is a business model, education and product system for professional sugaring, skin-friendly permanent hair removal and skin improvement on a natural basis – performed by certified experts.

Today we know that many women, men and teenagers want professional hair removal on a natural basis that is efficient, painless, permanent and gentle on the skin.

With our modern, high-quality EpilaDerm Products it is possible to offer such gentle, almost painless permanent hair removal in cosmetic studios, which also ensures a flawless, beautiful skin appearance. And that WITHOUT the use of laser, IPL & Co.

This includes training to become a “Certified-EpilaDerm-Sugaring-Expert” in our certification program just like the further training in online coaching, refresher courses or special seminars on the subject of intimate sugaring.

In this way, for more than 15 years, EpilaDerm has been the optimal system and business model for beauticians who want not only an ideal and professional range of hair removal products, but also a strong partner to help you turn a good beauty salon into a great one.

The Epiladerm magic is revealed when your client leaves your Epiladerm studio with velvety soft hair-free skin that is delicious to eat, thrilled and with a smile on their face, feeling like a superstar, and of course happy to come back for their next appointment … sometime when enough hair has grown back.

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