Sugaring coaching and workshops

Profound training is the key to your success with next-level waxing and sugaring

With EpilaDerm’s training programme and certification, you will quickly gain effectiveness and confidence, while your clients will benefit from your conscientious approach and professional knowledge.

Certification with EpilaDerm is possible for beginners and beauty students as well as for experienced beauticians and similar professionals who want to become experts in permanent hair growth reduction and professional sugaring!

EpilaDerm sugaring coaching and workshops

EpilaDerms online basic education

The EpilaDerm-METHOD and mandatory knowledge base for modern permanent hair reduction and professional Waxing and Sugaring.

250,- EURO

incl. a 25 Euro voucher for our online-shop

Recommended for…

  • Waxing and Sugaring Studios
  • Cosmetic students
  • Career changers
  • Anyone who purchased the EpilaDerm products or starterkits
  • Anyone who wants to improve their expertise, clientel and revenue

Increase your expertise and competitiveness…

If you want to remain competitive as a hair removal expert in the future and actually serve your hair removal clients in a high-level and confidence-building way, then you will get important knowledge and methodology conveniently online delivered with the EpilaDerm basic-education, which includes:

  • E-learning material and videos
  • Waxing and sugaring tutorials
  • Access to our academy’s Facebook study group
  • Zoom-Meetings
  • Exam questions

Quick, easy accessible and flexible learning.

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How to become an EpilaDerm Certified-Sugaring-Expert!

EpilaDerm sugaring coaching and workshops

Our certification is recommended for visionary…:

  • New beauty salons / start ups / career changers
  • Sugaring Studios, who want to change and improve their Expertise, clientel and revenue
  • Waxing studios, who wants a radical change in their service, clientel and revenue
  • Laser & Co. Studios who wants to offer the best alternative to their clients
  • Cosmetic Students, who wants a skill set in very high demand

You need to do the following to get certified:

  1. Purchase the online-academy-membership
  2. Purchase the EpilaDerm Sugaring Starterkit
  3. Book the Starter-Sugaring-workshop and at least one Refresher-Workshop
  4. Book further workshops as needed, e.g. the intimate-sugaring workshop
  5. Pass the exam questions about the knowledge base, product infos and sugaring
  6. Integrate the EpilaDerm-METHOD and all products in your studio or workspace
  7. At least 6 to 12 months of working with ALL EpilaDerm products
  8. Deliver longterm photo-documentation from yur results with real clients
  9. Pass the practical exam by successfully demonstrating your skills with the sugaring techniques

If you want to get certified too, then follow the steps below…

Fall in love with EpilaDerm and get certified…

Work with EpilaDerm for at least 12 months!


It is required, that you practise and work with the sugarpastes and the enzymes for at least 12 months and also introduce the post-epilative HomeCare products in your studio before attending the expert-exam!

Do the Expert-Exam and get your Certificate

We want to see you here!

After a minimum of 12 months working with EpilaDerm, you can do the Expert-Exam if you feel ready for it.

The practical demonstration of your Sugaring skills takes place either in a Refresher-workshop or alternatively online via video transmission.

The theoretical Exam questions are enclosed in the online basic-education and you can complete these online too.

After successfully passing the exam, you will be presented with the coveted EpilaDerm Certificate.

As a “Certified EpilaDerm Sugaring-Expert” you will enjoy multiple benefits in the future… e.g.:

  • You are specialised in gentle permanent hair growth reduction based on professional sugaring with proteolytic enzymes (THE original two-phase system from Denmark).
  • You are therefore unique and in high demand
  • You offer a skin-friendly alternative to IPL & co.
  • You are specialised in highly efficient aesthetic sugaring.
  • You can work with more and larger customer groups
  • You work more profitably based on the quality of your offer
  • You increase the image of your business and your turnover
  • You have your own quality management for professional hair removal
  • You increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • You achieve better appointment utilisation throughout the year
  • You will be included in the exclusive EpilaDerm directory
  • You are part of a community of Sugaring-Experts.

EpilaDerm sugaring coaching and workshops

EpilaDerm sugaring coaching and workshops


  • How confident do you feel in your advice to permanent hair removal clients?
  • Do you have all the necessary knowledge about hair anatomy, hair growth, hair growth directions, hair removal methods, anamnesis and post-epilative care?
  • Have you mastered all the necessary sugaring techniques – including facial and intimate sugaring?
  • When was the last time you did any in-depth training or further education for hair removal?
  • When was your last Sugaring workshop and did you learn everything possible or can you still improve?
  • How important is it for you to have a reputation as an expert in hair removal or sugaring?
  • Can you claim to be as competent and trustworthy as you want to be?
  • Do you still have to sell on price and discounts instead of your hair removal expertise?
  • Do you super like working with clients for hair removal?
  • Are your clients super happy with the results?
  • Do you have at least 100 regular hair removal customers?
  • Do you want to have a better appointment load throughout the year?
  • What problems are currently standing in the way of your desired success with hair removal?
  • Do you want to change/improve something in your institute and/or work?
  • Are you satisfied with your current turnover?
  • Are you still selling too little post-epilatory skin care?
  • Is quality management important for you?
  • Sugaring Bein, dauerhafte Haarenfernung Schulung

Das EpilaDerm Workshop Programm

Get started right with sugaring!

1-Day Starter-Workshop

THE ideal starter and qualification workshop for professional sugaring and permanent hair growth reduction.

The focus of this workshop is therefore the introductory demonstration and practical work with the various EpilaDerm sugar pastes on all areas of the body, except the face and intimate areas. (Underarms and other more sensitive skin areas depending on suitability).

You learn ab initio the correct EpilaDerm Fingertip Technique, specifically designed for the soft and longer flowing EpilaDerm Sugar Pastes.

Immediately after this workshop you can usually expand your business with sugaring and hair removal, with new and regular customers with confidence.

Whether you are a beginner or already work with other sugar pastes, if you want to work successfully with EpilaDerm, the Starter Workshop is indispensable.

Refresher workshop for refreshing and training

4 hours Refresher-Workshop(s)

To consolidate the applications, any number of refresher workshops can be booked as required at any time after the starter workshop.

The expert application, consolidation and refinement of the sugaring techniques are in the foreground. Also the quick sugaring and the sugaring of shorter hair and on sensitive body areas (face, armpits, bikini line) is practiced.

Another focus of the refresher workshop is the exchange of experiences and practical work with the different consistencies of the sugar pastes. Error correction and assistance in solving difficulties will also be taught.

After subsequent trainer release, you are optimally prepared for the certification exam and can shine through high professional competence.

Indeed for true sugaring specialists!

Intimate area Sugaring Workshop as option

The focus of the intimate area sugaring workshop is the epilation of the total intimate area.

For experienced users only.

Intimate depilation is just as popular with MAN as it is with WOMAN and the demand is very high and growing.

Intimate hair removal using sugaring is therefore probably the most profitable segment in the hair removal sector and is an absolute MUST if you want to achieve a 6-figure turnover with minimal time expenditure.



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