Skin friendly hair removal and sugaring with the dänish sugar pastes and enzymes for reduction of hair regrowth

EpilaDerm Scandinavian Sugaring is hair removal with system

More and more people are looking for the ideal method to remove unwanted hairs – preferably with a method more skin friendly, painless and permanent than known with shaving, waxing, epilation-devices and even Laser. The answer to this is the EpilaDerm enzyme hair reduction and Scandinavian Sugaring.

EpilaDerm`s enzyme hair reduction system is designed to produce a more permanent effect – simply by adding proteolytic active enzymes after any depilation / waxing.  A unique innovation from the labs in Denmark making it possible for almost each waxing salon to offer long-term hair growth reduction to a very affordable cost – without having to invest in expensive equipment.

EpilaDerm Scandinavian Sugaring takes the enzyme hair reduction system to a new level.  Scandinavian Sugaring is all about hair removal with the particularly light viscous transparent danish Sugar Pastes accompanied by the post-depilatory skin care and long-term hair growth reduction with enzyme products.

On the one hand EpilaDerm Scandinavian Sugaring stands for a clean, hygienic, efficient and easy application for the esthetician. Whilst on the other hand, ensuring for a skin friendly hair removal experience with long lasting results and attractive well-maintained skin for your customers (for WOMEN and MEN).

EpilaDerm Scandinavian Sugaring thus combines the best of our enzymes, sugar pastes and educational know-how into a holistic concept in which all the products and application steps are carefully considered and coordinated.

The result is happy customers with beautiful and hairfree skin!

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