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Are you looking for a hair removal method WITHOUT the typical disadvantages and problems, such as severe pain during depilation, ingrown hair, blemished callused or injured skin or stubbly skin that appears too quickly?

Do you finally want a permanent solution to get rid of your unwanted hair? And are you looking for a solution that works reliably without the use of lasers, is gentle to the skin and even works in summer?

How liberating would it be for you as a MAN or WOMAN to maintain a hair-free intimate zone (Brazilian) with a nourished and velvety soft skin?

What would it mean to you if you could show off your hair-free and flawless skin anytime of the year, on any occasion and in any place, such as on a beach vacation, at the health club, at a party or at home with the partner?

The epiladerm solution for permanent reduction of hair regrowth…

Laser-free and pain-reduced!

With the epiladerm-METHOD and its sugaring techniques, you can confidently approach your dream of beautiful and hair-free skin – without any risks for your skin!

Your journey with epiladerm begins with the professional consultation and analysis of your hair and skin. Together with your trusted epiladerm-expert, you agree on the procedure for the next 12 to 24 months.

You can then start your personal treatment cycle/ transformation and soon say goodbye to the razor, irritated skin and ingrown hairs.

Intim-Sugaring is the girls and the mans best friend

epiladerm sugaring of the intimate area…

Many people know how difficult it is to achieve a hair-free intimate zone or even a full Brazilian with a razor… not to mention that the skin there is NEVER really smooth enough anyway and has to be shaved again very quickly. Even with waxing or IPL & Co. it is too painful for many and the sensitive skin areas can easily be pulled in pity.

EpilaDerm intimate sugaring performed by our skilled Sugaring-Experts offers a sustainable solution for permanent hair removal of your intimate area.

Intimate sugaring epilates the hair in a particularly gentle, almost painless, thorough and hygienic way and leaves your skin hair-free, flawless and velvety soft for considerably longer than usual!

This gives you and your partner new security, freedom and a new attitude to life!

epiladerm sugaring changes everything you have ever experienced with hair removal for the better…

The award-winning and transparent epiladerm sugarpastes are applied at room temperature to remove unwanted hair IN the natural direction of hair growth.

This particularly gentle, hygienic and efficient hair removal / epilation – also called sugaring – is generally much less painful, works like a gentle peeling for your skin and prevents ingrown hairs over time.

You will love your new flawless and hair-free skin!

professional sugaring with epiladerms transparent sugar pastes


Immediately after the epilation / sugaring, the epiladerm-enzymes are applied to the epilated skin area by your epiladerm-expert and gently massaged into the hair follicles.

The enzymes penetrate into the hair follicles and ensure the desired permanent hair growth reduction in a gentle, natural way through body-related proteolysis – up to 90% reduction of hair regrowth over time is possible.

In addition the enzymes instantly moisturize the epilated skin and have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

A treat for your freshly eepilated skin!


No matter which hair removal method (shaving, waxing, sugaring, laser etc.) you choose, you can apply the highly specialized epiladerm HomeCare products for effective post-epilative skin care – after, between and before hair removal / sugaring.

Not only do you reduce ingrown hairs and avoid blemished skin, you will eventually also achieve a less painful and more effective hair removal and enjoy an otherwise impossible recovery of the skin with a lasting anti-aging effect on the skin structure.

The epiladerm HomeCare products are free from mineral oil, parabens and silicone and only contain natural active ingredients such as enzymes, water-soluble vitamin A and colostrum.

Stay hair-free even longer with the epiladerm HomeCare products

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Our partner-studios place a high value on competent individual advice and support for each client.

We are already looking forward to help you get rid off your unwanted hairs!

epiladerm professional sugaring

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