starter offer No. 1

Get a free 1:1 strategy call via zoom with me or one of my coaches

Kim Wium-Andersen, founder and CEO of EpilaDerm…

In a 20-minute zoom conversation, we analyze your current situation together and recommend your next steps with epiladerm.

Some of my starting points are how you can increase your revenue with hair removal either per hour or per customer and at the same time expand your customer base and increase customer satisfaction – without investing in lasers & Co.

As the founder of epiladerm, I have dedicated the last 15 years to the topics of permanent hair removal and sugaring, and I have accompanied many beauticians on their way to becoming “certified-epiladerm-sugaring-experts”. Therefore, I not only know the typical problems and challenges, but also the best success-strategies for waxing and sugaring studios.

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

starter offer No. 2

Certification-Starterkit for sugaring-experts

The starterkit contains the following:

  • epiladerm products worth more than EUR 6,500
  • Our business guide and product Infos
  • The online-basic-education worth Euro 250
  • Workshop vouchers worth Euro 350
  • Initial set of promotional materials

With this kit you can book the following workshops at a reduced price:

  • 1 x starter workshop for EUR 229 (instead of EUR 379)
  • 1 x refresher workshop for EUR 179 (instead of EUR 229)
  • 1 x intimate sugaring workshop for EUR 179 (instead of EUR 229)

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certification starterkit for sugaring-superstars

starter offer No. 3

epiladerms free business-guide and sponsoring

extended product infos and resources exclusively from epiladerm

Get the following resources for free:

  1. Free epiladerm business and product guide provides you with a checklist and outline of proven success-strategies for sugaring and waxing studios. Use it to figure out how you can best benefit from epiladerm and/or to make a reality check of how competitive your current waxing or sugaring studio is.
  2. Free admittance to our Facebook-academy-group
  3. Free “save-yourself-money-vouchers” for your next/first orders in our online-shop.
  4. Access to sponsoring of epiladerms certification and equipment for sugaring (and waxing) studios.

starter offer No. 4

Sugaring or waxing cabin sponsored by GHARIENI

Present yourself as a premium studio with the best partners:

Save up to € 525 on the GHARIENI equipment for your sugaring or waxing booth.

Secure the epiladerm discount on the equipment of your cabin at our partner GHARIENI.

Choose between 3 premium setups with:

  • 1 x Sugaring bed
  • 1 x cosmetic chair
  • 1 x Cosmetic Cart

from approx. EUR 2,000 to EUR 4,000 including sponsoring.

Ask our customerservice how to get your EPILADERM ADVANTAGE DISCOUNT at Gharieni.

Send us an E-Mail at: [email protected]

Gharieni – I-496NEOMLET0

Gharieni I-42505XX
Gharieni 42189H284CR

epiladerm cooperation with Gharieni

epiladerm Blueprint

EpilaDerm is your trusted partner for pain-reduced professional sugaring, skin-friendly permanent hair reduction and for solving post-epilative skin problems…


Put your business with waxing or sugaring to the test and get the needed clarity on how to …:

  • stay competitive and profitable with waxing or sugaring in the future.
  • differentiate yourself from other studios and ignore discounted prices
  • How to create a business with waxing or sugaring, that fits you the best and with potential to make 6-figure revenues
  • evaluate your strenghts and weaknesses with your existing waxing and sugaring studio.
  • turn hair removal into a consistent all-year business
  • increase revenue with new post-epilative solutions.

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All prices and discounts mentioned on this page are net net and subject to change, availability and without guarantee on the part of epiladerm.

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