As an EpilaDerm Sugaring-Expert you will know how hair removal with sugaring works best!

The Sugaring Career is an educational program for highest professional level in your work

The Sugaring Career is the ORIGINAL of the 3-Step-Sugaring-Education-Program for all estheticians who wish to work professionally, thoroughly, quickly and profitably with sugaring right from the start. The Sugaring-Career consists of the Starter-Workshop (2 days), the Certification-Workshop (2 days) and the Refresher-Workshop (1 day). All workshops will take place in intervals of about 4-8 weeks.

The benefits in overview

Learn sugaring from true professionals – correct usage right from the start!  – Do not waste time and money with low-quality workshops that do not offer you the know-how you need as an expert in sugaring!  –  Choose the ORIGINAL 3-Step-Sugaring-Education-Program!  –  Become a “Certified Esthetician” and receive a certificate which really says something about your skills and knowledge!

You can advertise for your skills with our “certificate”

By successfully finishing all our sugaring-career workshops you are entitled to the EpilaDerm-Certificate in Scandinavian Sugaring.  Then you will feel confident in offering clean, hygienic, skin-friendly and very effective hair removal with modern sugaring products. In addition you have acquired hard-to-get know-how in the area of “long-term hair removal and long-term hair growth reduction”.  As such a “Certified Esthetician” you will stand out from other sugaring and waxing providers, build loyal and trusting customer relationships, win new regular customers, work profitable and usually have more fun at work too.

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Watch our videos below for some impressions from the workshops.



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