Our white-transparent sugar pastes are uniquely light-fluid and fantastic to work with for a perfect hair removal!

Sugar pastes as alternative to waxing / classic depilation

Sugar Pastes are increasingly used by professionals as an alternative to waxing. It is considered a premium service with quite unique results compared not only to waxing but also to shaving and epilating-devices. The advantages are numerous, however the most prevalent difference to classic depilation is the ability for our sugar pastes to ensure a root deep epilation – also of very short hairs. The sugar paste thereby removes the hair in its natural direction of growth with a minimum of breakage and irritation of the nerves within the vessels in the aperture of the hair follicle. This ensures, inter alia, less ingrown hairs over time.

root deep epilation with sugar pastes

Fig. 1 above: Example of a perfect root-deep epilation in hair growth direction with sugar paste.

Fig. 2 above: Possible disadvantage with hair breakage from depilation/waxing against the hair growth direction.


The EpilaDerm sugar pastes come in unique quality and appearance

EpilaDerm Universal Sugar Pastes are produced with modern production technology in a consistent, white – transparent quality. Therefore all the consistencies can be used at room temperature without preheating them in a heat unit. The sugar pastes remain slightly liquid during application – saving time, energy and material consumption. This allows the user to choose the optimum sugar paste depending on hair length, skin condition and application area.

How to learn professional sugaring with EpilaDerm

You can learn the correct usage of the EpilaDerm sugar pastes in the sugaring-workshops with the hair removal academy!  And for some impressions of how the sugar pastes are used in the beauty salons – you can watch below videos.





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