Catch a lucrative share of the market for hair removal together with us!

Join us as our representative for EpilaDerm!

danlab offers a representative-for-epiladerm the ideal opportunity to catch a lucrative share of the market for hair removal, to convert Estheticians and their clients to Sugaring-Customers, to build your own safeguarded sales channel with „Certified EpilaDerm-Estheticians“ and to being the best there is on the market with professional sugaring.

One-of-a-kind sugaring, hair removal products and education system

The EpilaDerm products originates exclusively from the inhouse development and production with Pedersens Lab. in Denmark… a.o. the original proteolytic active enzymes and the worlds only white-transparent sugarpastes.

I addition we provide crucial knowledge to your business with EpilaDerm! Teaming up with our Academy partner gives you such necessary competences and best practice for your marketing. You save time and money and your customers will be more successful.

Great resources to create competitive advantages

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We have everything ready to start with you including a comprehensive product catalogue, marketing resources, training plan and export prices!

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