EpilaDerm online basic education

What you need to know to reach the Next-Level in professional hair reduction with waxing and sugaring

The EpilaDerm online basic education contains field-tested specialised knowledge and methodology especially for waxing and sugaring practitioners.  All delivered online as follows:

  • E-learning material and videos
  • Waxing and sugaring tutorials
  • Access to our academy’s Facebook study group
  • Zoom-Meetings
  • Exam questions

Quick, easy accessible and flexible learning.

If you want to remain competitive as a waxing, sugaring or Laser & Co. Studio in the future and actually serve your hair removal clients in a high-level and confidence-building way, then you will get important knowledge and methodology conveniently and understandably delivered online and inexpensively with the EpilaDerm basic education.


  • Are you sometimes looking for support and a point of contact for questions about what you offer and do in the field of hair removal?
  • Are you missing important answers to questions from your customers and solutions to problems in connection with waxing or sugaring?
  • Not sure if you are giving your clients the best possible advice?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are negligent with your current approach and care for your clients?
  • You lack a concept for urgently needed post-epilatory care and instructions?
  • Your customers only come to you seasonally instead of regularly throughout the year?
  • Not sure how best to offer and/or properly explain permanent hair removal to your clients?
  • Your knowledge about the hair growth cycle, the different hair types and their importance for your work is not sufficient?
  • You want higher turnover, but you don’t know how to achieve it?
  • Not sure if modern waxing or sugaring is the right career choice for you?

Find your answers and instructions in EpilaDerms online basic education – quick and flexible learning always available when needed! 


You (always) benefit from specialised knowledge

You will acquire well-founded basic knowledge about depilation, epilation and permanent hair removal that has been tried and tested by experts. This knowledge base gives you more confidence and allows you to look after your customers in an absolutely professional manner. In addition, you will learn the basics of the epiladerm METHOD for permanent hair growth reduction with a system.

You are well prepared for relevant further training and workshops in the field of hair removal and sugaring

The basic training is the ideal preparation for sugaring coaching and workshops and therefore also part of the EpilaDerm Sugaring career.

You can quickly put the learning material into practice

The online training is made by professionals for professionals and is based on EpilaDerm’s own empirical experience with several waxing, sugaring and laser experts with their own successful business/practice. So you get practice-proven theory and tips that are quickly applicable to your business and customer-oriented.

You get clarity about which next steps are right for you

You will be able to better assess what you need to do right and you will be able to build up your hair removal business in a more goal-oriented way.


1. definition of permanent hair growth reduction

  • Note on the term permanent hair removal/hair growth reduction
  • and template for informed consent.

2. hair and hair growth

  • Hair Anatomy and Hair Types,
  • Anatomy of hair follicles and hair growth cycle
  • and examples of relevant hair diseases.

3. hair removal methods

  • Depilation with shaving and depilatory cream
  • Depilation/epilation with waxing, epilators, plucking and thread technique
  • Root-deep temporary epilation by means of SUGARING
  • Permanent hair growth reduction with selective thermolysis such as laser, IPL and needle
  • Permanent hair growth reduction with enzymatic proteolysis = epiladerm.

4. practice-proven anamnesis and consultation for hair removal

  • The application and questions in the epiladerm customer card are discussed
  • Precautions and applications with reservation
  • Influences on hair growth
  • Rules of conduct for your customers before and after hair removal

5. body areas and hair growth directions

Typical directions of growth on the face, bikini line and other areas of the body in MAN and WOMAN are explained.

6. the epiladerm METHOD: permanent hair growth reduction with system

The epiladerm treatment cycle is presented and you will understand why epiladerm stands out as a system and differs from other methods.

7. Fieldtested success-strategies with EpilaDerm

You will receive 5 fieldtested success-strategies, tips, inspiration and a checklist on how you can redesign and upgrade professional waxing or sugaring with the above-mentioned epiladerm METHOD. A recipe and business model for how to stay competitive in the future.

You will also see how epiladerm can improve your image and customer loyalty, what competitive advantages epiladerm brings and how you too can maximise revenue per customer.

8. epiladerm product knowledge

The mode of action and benefits as well as the cost-effectiveness of the EpilaDerm enzyme complex, the white-transparent sugar pastes and the HomeCare post-epilatory skin care series are explained and discussed.

9. Waxing and Sugaring tutorials

An exclusive selection of tips, advise and videos on how to do professional waxing and sugaring.

10. exam questions

You can then put your knowledge to the test by answering the exam questions online.

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EpilaDerm online basic education

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