Is EpilaDerm right for you..?

Free coaching sugaring and waxing

… discover EpilaDerm in a free coaching session!

Our coaches or Mr. Wium-Andersen personally will clarify the following questions with you…:

  • How do you stay more competitive with your current waxing or sugaring studio in the future?
  • How do you increase your market value as a cosmetology student?
  • As a new founder of a cosmetics or hair removal studio, how do you achieve a 6-digit annual turnover with EpilaDerm?
  • How can you strengthen your laser, IPL or electrolysis studio with EpilaDerm?
  • We also answer all important questions about our certification as a sugaring expert.

Of course, we will also help you to identify the optimal EpilaDerm training and starter packages for you.