Who we are and why you should consider working with EpilaDerm

danlab-Denmark-SugaringWe are a small group of companies, who is dedicated—to an extremely high degree—to the business with hair removal and sugaring. Our customers are therefore benefiting from unique hair removal and sugaring products with features not available anywhere else in the market. With more than 10 years market experience with EpilaDerm we have collected unique “hands-on” knowledge about the application of sugaring products and their efficacy in the field with the Estheticians and her Clients! We know exactly how our products work – when used properly!


What is the EpilaDerm enzyme hair reduction system?

The EpilaDerm Enzyme Care / Complex is a very innovative product developed in the period 2007 to 2009. It is used only in combination with professional depilation such as waxing or sugaring resulting in long term hair growth reduction.

The EpilaDerm enzyme hair reduction system will improve ANY method of depilation!


What is EpilaDerm Scandinavian Sugaring?

EpilaDerm Scandinavian Sugaring is an extension to the Enzyme-complex system – using advanced sugar pastes for depilation / epilation instead of classical waxing. At the same time it represents a holistic concept in which all the products and application steps are carefully considered and coordinated. EpilaDerm Scandinavian Sugaring is therefore all about unique and lucrative professional hair removal with particularly light viscous Sugar Pastes accompanied by post-depilatory skin care and long-term hair growth reduction with enzyme products!



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